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Moscow MedShow, September 29-30, 2017,
the Tishinka Trade and Exhibition Centre

Natalya Rudakova, Marketing Manager of the Cyprus Tourism Organization
It is the third time that Cyprus takes part in the Moscow MedShow. Today we are participating together with the Cyprus Medical Association. As a country with a great number of spa hotels, Cyprus plays a special part at the medical tourism market: we focus neither on surgery nor on diagnostics. Instead, we prioritize rehabilitation treatment. At the MedShow, we are more likely to look not for direct customers, but for collaboration. We manage to find it. We are planning to participate further down the line!

Ilya Umansky, Head of Campus Medicine (Munich, Germany)
Our company provides services for the treatment and medical check support in Germany. We are not associated with any clinic. We focus only on a diagnosis, which enables us to find the best and most accurate solution for our clients. It is for the fifth time that we take part in this exhibition. Of course, we are satisfied with its results. Otherwise, we would not become its regular participants. We like the format of the exhibition focused on an end user: people with specific problems and in the search for specific solutions visit this exhibition.

Prathap Chandraan, owner of Vediclife, partner of the Perumbayl Ayurveda Mana Clinic (India)
We are exhibition first-timers: we participate for the first time. However, based on visitors' strong interest to our stand, we feel like participating further down the line: both in the March exhibition and in future ones. We represent not resort but recreation rest: health ayurvedic centres, rehabilitation centres (for example, for patients after chemotherapy), and specialized neurological hospitals. Thus, we are looking for both direct customers and partners at the exhibition; we find both! As ayurvedic clinics treat impotence and infertility effectively, we hope to draw attention of people with these diagnoses at the following MedShow exhibitions.

Anton Evseev, CEO of Medunion, partner of the International Healthcare Center (South Korea, representative - Regina Kim)
We specialize in treatment and diagnostics organization and support in South Korea. The level of medicine is extremely high in this country. Therefore, its medicine is in high demand at the world market of medical services, especially regarding oncology and cosmetic surgery. The level of treatment here is sometimes higher than in Europe, and the prices are much lower, which, of course, attracts customers. It is for the third time that we take part in this exhibition. We like the event management very much, every time we find new partners and clients, so we are going to take part in this exhibition in future!

Yanina Sartison, Foreign Patients Manager, Schon Klinik (Munich, Germany)
We represent a group of highly specialized clinics embracing practically all main areas of modern medicine, i. e. orthopedics, neurology, neurosurgery, psychosomatics, and general surgery. We participate in the exhibition for the first time. We liked the event management, organizers' work with the participants, colleagues' responsiveness, and inviting atmosphere of the event. The flow of visitors also seemed appropriate and promising. We hope to become a regular participant of the MedShow!

Dmitry Lisevsky, massage and rehabilitation therapist of Dr. Cecil Manual Therapy Clinic
Our clinic is a regular participant of the MedShow. We already have many regular customers here. The audience is always interested in our medical service area. We represent the premium level of manual therapy and feel confident at the international medical services market. We will take part in the exhibition in future, it is a must!

Kagbat Onerbek, Samsung Media Center Manager (Seoul, Korea)
Our high-profile hospital specializes in the most complex areas of surgery, including transplantation. Our representatives are present at the MedShow for the third time. Many Russian patients who came for treatment to our hospital in Korea found us at this exhibition. Of course, we consider our collaboration promising. We expect organizers to expand their cooperation with the Asian sector of the world medical tourism.

Margarita Goryacheva, Project Manager for the MEDSI Group regional business
We have decided to take part in the MedShow as we are interested in attracting patients not only from Russia and CIS countries but also from abroad. We have a lot to present to the world regarding most advanced medicine and unique technology in thirty areas of medical care. In particular, on the most innovative basis we build on traditions of national orthopedics leaning toward more attenuated treatment options as compared to more radical ones of our colleagues from abroad. Surgical oncology is one of our leading specializations. We consider the exhibition to be very promising and useful not only in terms of patients search, but also in terms of partnership relations with our foreign colleagues. We are considering the possibility of internships both for our doctors in foreign hospitals and for foreign specialists in ours. Professional experience exchange is a necessity dictated by the development of the world medical and health science. Thanks the MedShow for this opportunity!

Natalya Udovenko, Head of Agency Relationships Department, 1000 Roads Company (Hungary)
We are participating in this exhibition for the second time. This time the flow of target visitors has increased even more: people are very concentrated, dialogues are more meaningful. I think we will take part in the exhibition in the future. Hungary has much to offer to the medical tourism market in terms of a variety of specializations (in particular, dentistry).

Svetlana Kolodiy, Executive Director of LUNO Med (Germany)
Our company specializes in Russian patients transfer for treatment in Germany. We participate for the fourth or the fifth time in the exhibition. We are satisfied with both the exhibition organization and the flow of visitors and the entry list of participants. It is important that you can find here both direct customers and partners. The payoff from our participation is very satisfactory, so we are going to cooperate with the exhibition in the future!

Alla Xu, a representative of the International department of the Sanya Hospital Traditional Chinese Medicine (China)
We are first-timers at this exhibition, and we're very pleased with the Russians' interest to the traditional Chinese medicine, in particular, to acupuncture. We are planning to come to the next MedShow exhibitions!

Simone Rudlin, Head of the International Department of the University Hospital of Basel (Switzerland)
We are presenting our services at the Medshow for the second time. Here we find a large number of business partners. Since we present a very serious level of medical science, we find here both partners and customers in all areas of treatment. One of the main reasons why we decided to participate in this exhibition is strict selection of participants and high status of the exhibition. The organizers' decision in support of quality gives an opportunity for a more meaningful dialogue between clients and participants. We are planning to continue our cooperation with the MedShow.


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